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Student Loans & Chapter 7

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Student Loans & Chapter 7

My husband and I filed chapter 7 and it was just recently discharged. He has a private student loan from Navient and his dad co signed on it. All during the Bankruptcy we were able to log in, make payments and access the account. We didn’t make payments due to being in forbearance. After the discharge when I logged in it still had the bankruptcy notice but when by passed to account info everything was gone. I had my husband call today and they said that the loan was transferred to his Dad. I believed that the loans couldn’t be discharged in the chapter 7 and why would they move this to his dad? This puts us in hot water with his step mom. We fully intended to make payments after the discharge. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Student Loans & Chapter 7

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oh man, thats a sticky situation when family has co-signed loans or credit cards, because they assume all repsonsibility if the original signer defaults. Your dad may have just told them that he would take over the loan to save himself.  Be sure to pay your dad payments monthly on the loan, until you and your hubby are in a position to get another loan to take that loan back from your dad, and relieve him of that debt that wasnt his to begin with. 

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