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Surprise CC Approval

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Surprise CC Approval

Emerging from my recent Ch7 I figured it would be awhile before I could get an CC that was not secured. 


I was surprised last night by applying for and getting approved by Cap1 for both a Quicksilver 1 ($2K) and Platinum ($1K). 


I haven't had any inquiries, or any credit activity at all for that matter for about the past 3 years. Before that I had an extensive and quite good history. 


Now I wonder what I should try for next!!


My score - 533

Income - $44K



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Re: Surprise CC Approval

That's awesome! Happy New Year!!

I burned Cap 1 & am on the waiting list to get back in. Check out the thread that lists some of the bankruptcy friendly creditors & that will give you an idea of what card to apply for next. But be cautious, even though you haven't had any inquiries in the past 3 years, don't go app crazy. I'm sure a more established member will chime in and let you know that credit building "is a marathon not a sprint"


Good luck on your rebuild!! Robot Happy

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Re: Surprise CC Approval

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Re: Surprise CC Approval

Congrats!!!! Capital One is a great start. Don't go app crazy yet as your scores are still low. Capital one will treat you well once you use it correctly. You can find so much information on how to use Cap one through these forums. It's exciting to get approved.
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Re: Surprise CC Approval

Congrats on the Cap 1 as they surprised me on my first cc after BK.   I applied as soon as I got my discharge letter with SL $500 with Quicksilver.  I was elated.  Two months later I tried the Venture 1 and Platinum and I was shocked at the 10k SL from Ven1.  They gave me $3k SL on the Platinum.  I wanted to go for the Barclay rewards but everything I read is wait 6 months post discharge with estabilishing some history with Cap 1 so I'm waiting on this one.  Good Luck on your road to better scores.  

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Re: Surprise CC Approval

Congrats! Treat them well and they will in return take good care of you. Good luck!

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Re: Surprise CC Approval

Thanks. I think this is smart business on Cap1's part as I am an extremely loyal person and for Cap1 to be the first to extend credit to me post Ch7, well, I plan on having a long relationship with them. 

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Re: Surprise CC Approval

my advice, is to garden those two cards, and gets 6 months history reporting first, and get you scores up, and you'll be better off to get another card then. Congrats on those approvals!
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