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Surrendered home in Chapter 13

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Surrendered home in Chapter 13

Hello all,


I surrendered my home as part of my chapter 13 because I was over $200K upside down in it.  The account now shows as a foreclosure and 180 days late on my credit.  Does anyone know why it does not show as included in Bankruptcy.  The account was current the day filed BK.  I called the bank, Onewest Bank (Formerly Indymac) and they said since they obtained the relief of stay from the court to sell the property, they can now report the account as a foreclosure rather than included in BK.  Is that true?  Any way of disputing that?



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Re: Surrendered home in Chapter 13

probably a question for the credit forum.....


as for mortgage implications, it is viewed as a foreclosure to future lenders

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Re: Surrendered home in Chapter 13

Going to move this over to the Bankruptcy board; you might get more help there.
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