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TIME IS YOUR FRIEND! MY friends... DC May 2018


TIME IS YOUR FRIEND! MY friends... DC May 2018

Hi all,


Just a litle update I couldn't or could I, be doing better...

Less than one month after DC, pre-approved for Ulta with 500.00 limt, increased to 1260.00!  I pay this off in full every month

up next (cant remember exact dates so I am going to leave them out) Pre-approved for Ollo at 1000.00 increased to 1200.00

then I got a pretty pink Discover card pre-qual with a 2000.00 with increase to 2500.00

Applied for Kohls, only 300.00 pre-qual

around the same time, I was just seeing who I was pre-qual with and got a milestone card with only 300.00 sadly they have a yearly fee but I paid that immedialty and rarely use the card.. I will charge a few dollars here and there.

then was pre-approved for Hot Topic 500.00, and I burned Commenity with 3 cards, Limited, Express and Victoria's Secret

Then I did burn Capitol One, so for laughs and giggles I went to see if I would pre-qual and I did, but I got the dreaded 7-10 day and 3  weeks yes 3 weeks later the card was in the mail with a 3k limit, I paid in full, always made more than the minimum, so expecting only a 500.00 increase they upped me to 6000.00! WHAAAAAAAAATT  yes they did!

Last but not least - my new Jeep! I was approved for a lease thru Chrysler!  I just got it 2 weeks ago.


So that is my story so far!  When I was a dealer, they said my scores were 660 across the board.  They said once the lease hits my credit it will go up. 


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!




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Re: TIME IS YOUR FRIEND! MY friends... DC May 2018

Congrats! Now its time to garden with 6 new cards and a new lease so your scores can rebound.

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Re: TIME IS YOUR FRIEND! MY friends... DC May 2018

Gardening would be a good idea at this point I agree.  Congrats on all of your hard work!


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