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Thinking of filing bankruptcy

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Thinking of filing bankruptcy

If I file bankruptcy for a creditor that's not listed anywhere on my credit reports will it still show on my reports as a bankruptcy? There's currently a non wage judgement against me stemming from a car accident I had back in 2007. I can't afford an attorney to dispute it as I feel that it's incorrect, but they've taken my license and I need to get it back asap. My credit has greatly improved and from being in the low 500's to almost 700 and I'm rebuilding my life/credit. If I can file bankruptcy just for that creditor as all the others have been paid or have fallen off in the last 4 years or so. Can that be done?

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Re: Thinking of filing bankruptcy

If you read one of the threads above you will see someone posted that their zero-balance account, not listed in the bankruptcy schedule, is being reported as included in bankruptcy.


You cannot choose which creditor to list or not list [except some choose not to list zero-balance accounts] but some may be protected with exemptions or reaffirmations. Technically, all eligible debt that pre-existed the bankruptcy are covered by the bankruptcy filing and discharge. If you knowing ommitted a creditor and the trustee finds out, you could be in big trouble.


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