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Time between filing and 341?

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Time between filing and 341?

Just wondering if there is anything I could/should be doing?  I made an account with Pacer and looked around a bit didn't see much. (it is a little confusing I must say) 


Just curios if there is anything else I can do to pass the time? 

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Re: Time between filing and 341?

Learn from the folks here, even the ones in situations that may be different than your own... adds to your knowledge down the road... but I started earlier than it seems a lot of people start, and I wish I'd actually gotten to these forums earlier than I had (like when you did, apparently!). There's a lot to wrap your head around... 


take up a hobby... clean the house... make your holiday cards by hand, you have time if you start now and your family will remember them forever, good or bad. lol.



PACER (which, heavens yes, is confusing) won't show much until after the 341 and even then not until closer to/after your discharge. 


Really it's a lot of being patient... same with rebuilding credit, which will be your next stage, which is what we're here to learn about. :-) Welcome 

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Re: Time between filing and 341?

Just go through all your records and make sure your attorney gets all creditors notified. If you are getting collection calls make sure you take the call and refer them to your attorney. I know a lot of people that are being hounded by creditors will just stop answering unknown calls.

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