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Time for a signature change - Ch 13 closed!

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Time for a signature change - Ch 13 closed!

I have been checking our trustee's site everyday since making our 60th payment last month. Today it showed closed! Time to sit down and come up with a plan for going forward. I'm a planner but I have been forcing myself to wait (a) for closure and (b) to find out what happens with my student loans, which are still considerable.


On that latter piece, will the student loan companies contact me now? I had consolidated most of my loans a few years before filing BK but they were then sold when we filed so I have no idea who to contact or what the next step is. If you have any ideas, please share them with me! For now, I'm going to enjoy this feeling and start anxiously waiting for discharge paperwork! Smiley Wink

Filed Chapter 13 April 2012. Case successfully closed May 2017, about 1 month after 60th payment. FAKO scores on close date: TU 695 EQ 697. Received discharge July 11th - took forever! Real EX day of discharge 624.
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Re: Time for a signature change - Ch 13 closed!

Stay on top of those student loans.
The last thing you want is a late notice in the mail because you forgot.

I'd reach out to them.
3/2018 - EQ 699 // TU 675 // EX 675
3/2016 - EQ 615 // TU 605 // EX 621
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