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To Send or Not To Send....

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To Send or Not To Send....

I wanted to get everyones opinion on this. I am disputing the TU version of account balances and IIB. They are requesting that I send them my matrix of creditors and discharge papers(havent officially been discharged as of yet) to them to expedite their investigation.
There seems to be 2 schools of thought on sending CRA's info.
1.) Send it to them as it will benefit you.
2.) Dont send it to them.

First I was thinking what is the harm in sending them the info they requested. After googling around for awhile I came across another opinion.
If you send them information you are in effect verifying the info for them. Or in other words doing their job for them.

I really dont think I have a strong opinion on this one way or the other, as my goal is to have the most accurate credit report as possible.

Any thoughts??

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Re: To Send or Not To Send....

IMO I would suggest sending whatever information they are requesting. I filed Chapter 7 BK in October 2006 and was discharged in January 07.
There were a couple of accounts on my credit reports that were not showing as IIB (Included in Bankruptcy). Some of the creditors updated since I disputed the information a few others did not. When I requested that the CRA dispute the accounts again, they asked for verification, since the info came back from the creditor as verified.
I sent in the requested information and my accounts were updated with the correct information. No questions asked.
You want ALL of your accounts that you included the show as IIB with a 0 balance. As you stated you want your reports to be accurate.
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Re: To Send or Not To Send....

I agree and think you should send the info.

I just disputed eleven accounts for both my husband and I that were not being properly reported (haven't heard anything back yet) But I too wanted my report as accurate as possible, and now two years after our BK was discharged we still had things like "charge-off" and "bad debt" even though all of it was included in the BK.

So, I think the sooner you dispute and get these items reported correctly the quicker your credit score will go up.

I wish I had disputed all this stuff two years ago instead of waiting, but I was very naive in thinking that these OC's would do the right thing and report accurately. Silly me.
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Re: To Send or Not To Send....

I received the same request from TU and sent the information.  The only thing it accomplished for me was they deleted 18 positive accounts on my credit report dating back to 1996 for no reason.  When I called them, they said that they thought I was disputing everything on my credit report except what was included in the Ch 13 BK !!!???  Needless to say, this crushed my TU score and I have since sent letters to the creditors to have them resubmit all of the old accounts...hopefully, they will do it.
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