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Total Card Visa

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Total Card Visa

Anyone know anything about "Total Visa Credit Card"?

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Re: Total Card Visa

I would suggest to stay away... Even CreditOne seems reasonable next to Total.


$89 one-time program fee

$75 annual fee for the first year

$123 in fees starting year two

High APR - like 35%

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Re: Total Card Visa

Might not have a choice.  Still waiting on Merrick Bank to see if I got approved. I think I'm going to call them.


I think I got approved by CreditOne.  I supposedly got "instant approval".  It came back quickly and said I was approved for $400 after verification of my info.  So we'll see. 


I screwed all the major banks so don't really have a lot of options.  I'm going to wait though and see what happens with the two above.  

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Re: Total Card Visa

The Open Sky secured Visa is always an option.  No credit check and is pretty much a guarantee.  Just an option to keep in mind if the others don't work out for you.

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Re: Total Card Visa

Total one and first access are pretty much sibling cards just in case you see that one. Total is not a good choice when it comes to fees. The customer service was much better than credit one in my opinion.
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