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Transunion & Chapter 7 reporting


Transunion & Chapter 7 reporting

I just pulled my transunion report and score on myfico and was shocked at what I found.  My EQ score was 637 but my transunion was listed at 575. My EX fako is 680. None of the accounts that were included in bankruptcy was listed as IIB.  The all had either unrated or paying as agreed. One account that was IIB was reporting late payments in the past two months.  I am putting together a dispute to mail in but my goodness. I don't always have the money to order credit reports but I am glad that I did. Is anyone familiar with the way transunion reports?  How do I phrase this in the dispute?  Thanks in advance.
EQ 637,TU 575, EX FAKO 680 AS OF 4/19/09
EQ 640, TU 579 EX??? as of 5/15/09
EQ 645, TU 627 as of 6/2/09, EX ???
EQ 662, TU 632, EX ??? as of 9/4/09
EQ 676, TU 676 as of 5/6/10
EQ 678, TU 676, EXP 694(Lendor Pull) 7/24/10

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Re: Transunion & Chapter 7 reporting

For the accounts which show recent lates, you can initiate an online dispute with  "included in bankruptcy" which gets it into the system faster and you have still have adequate record of the dispute and will be notified electronically of results.


For those accounts not showing as IIB, if they are reporting Paid as agreed and no balance, you probably don't want to touch them for now, they are helping, not hurting.   Probably these accounts reached the 7 years on the derog (late/co, etc) and the account is remaining without the derogs for the full 10 years from close date.  Are they showing closed or open?


Occassionally an OC will fail to report or update as closed and then at 7 years the derogs fall off and the tradeline continues to persist with "PAID AS AGREED" since only closed accounts drop at 10 years.





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09/03/2009 TU: 777, EQ: 776 ($8 balance on an account dropped me out of 780's)
03/28/2009 TU: 814, EQ: 810, EX: 781 (02/12/2009)
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