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US Bank denial after ch7

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US Bank denial after ch7

Spoke to sr underwriter at US Bank only reason for a denial was ch7


rule is 48 months from FILING date     

I took the Experian hit.   711 score


food for thought 

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Re: US Bank denial after ch7

Thank You for sharing what you came away with from one of their senior analyst in correspondence.


I wonder regarding their Secured Cards (which DO graduate) if it is simplier more available in comparison.

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Re: US Bank denial after ch7

I got my $5000 US Bank secured just 1 month after my 2012 bk discharged. They said would not be eligible to flip it to unsecured until 5 yrs.


5 yrs after, I made the call, underwriter handled it manually into the 5% rotating 2 category cashback unsecured card, and sent me a cashiers check with interest for my 5k. I've used it ever since for utilities and cell bills.


If you do get the secured card and can afford the 5k max, do it if you don't already have larger limit cards. It seems to help new cards start higher after some history reports. YMMV.



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Re: US Bank denial after ch7

They must have lowered the time frame, because as of recent its 5 yrs post filing. I filed 05/2013, applied in June 2017, declined..told 5 years. reapplied in 06/2108...approved. I also had opened a business account with them when I applied. One month later approved for a business card. Still have them all.

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Re: US Bank denial after ch7

@MyDataMyChoiceIs this for the unsecured card? Two yrs after filing if they werent burned? What other cards do you have that arent displaying? Says 96k but the cards say 61k. I thought they were off limits with a BK.

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