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Unable to pay cards

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Unable to pay cards

Not sure if this is the right forum. 

i got sick awhile ago and now i am on ssdi. I cant afford monthly payments anymore. 
should i contact the banks and let them know i am now disbaled and csn not pay?

not sure what happens now im in florida


thanks  for any advice

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Re: Unable to pay cards

sorry to hear that


it definitely helps a LOT when you call THEM - instead of them calling you


explain your situation - they may 

lower the APR

lower the monthly payment

setup a monthly payback plan that you can afford


in other words - most of them will be willing to work with you - if you give them the heads up


once you start missing payments, most of those options may disappear


good luck to you!

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Re: Unable to pay cards

You may want to talk to a BK attorney and see what options you have. Especially if your unable to work any longer. They all have free consults. Sorry about the life event.

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Re: Unable to pay cards

Sorry this has happened to you, reaching out to the creditors before they reach out to you is definitely the way to go, find out from them what they are willing to do to help you out. This is usually a lot easier when you are current on your payments.

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