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Waiting on DC? Does anyone have/had a similar situation?

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Waiting on DC? Does anyone have/had a similar situation?

Hi All! So I'm being very cautiously optimistic for a DC. Long story short I have a 'Non-Consumer' Ch7 regarding business debts. Had my 431/MOC on 4/20 on 4/25 "trustee initial report hit". The last day for objection is 6/19, this Friday and I'll be 60 days post MOC on the 24th according to Pacer.

So I've heard, no news is good news. I had to provide a more current bank statement for 2 accounts at the MOC but no continuance or anything. Last update in Pacer was a reaff agreement on 5/19.

For those with any experience should I expect a "Report of No Distribution" or being a non consumer case, maybe I just wait the time limit and the DC paperwork just clerically happens?

I really don't want to nag my attorney yet again, she's been great but she's definitely earned her money with all my concerns, questions, long meetings and phone calls over the last 3 months.

My supersition says don't jinx things by asking as well, so guess I hope superstitions are fake.

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Re: Waiting on DC? Does anyone have/had a similar situation?

I don't know the answer to your question but I'll give it a bump.  My chapter 7 was a consumer no asset. A few days after my MOC the trustee put his report of no distribution now im just counting down the days. I'd think the same 60days would apply for your case. 

Chapter 7 filed 2/3
Discharged 6/30

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