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Waiting on Discharge

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Re: Waiting on Discharge

My last day for objection was 1/28/14. I stalked pacer at least three times a day to see if I was discharged. Finally on 2/3/14 I was discharged and it closed the next day. Hope this helps.

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Re: Waiting on Discharge

Thanks! It's driving me crazy. I know it takes about a week or two from the last day to object, but man I just want that piece of paper. Ughhhhhhhh.

When I get it, you all will know! :-)
BK Discharge 2/11/14

Currently in the garden.
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Re: Waiting on Discharge

The last day for objections was 12/24. I received my discharge 1/6..
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Re: Waiting on Discharge

I filed 9/21/2013, Meeting 11/4, discharged 1/13/2014 - got the discharge paper in the mail 1/19/14

Very nice Credit cards, TL, etc set up. Now to the garden i go..


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