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Walmart Card

New Contributor

Walmart Card

Hi everyone I was wondering how soon after discharge should I apply for a Walmart card? I think Walmart is synchrony, who I did burn in BK as well. 

Discharged 3/23/17
Fico 8 Scores 3/28/17
EX 606/TU 566/EQ 613
My scores 7/16/17-EX 659/TU 640/EQ 673
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Regular Contributor

Re: Walmart Card

I applied online & instant approved for 1k six months post bk7. I too included them in my bk. I think my scores were above 620 at the time of approval tho.
BK7 discharged 4-6-16
VentureOne $5500 | NFCU cash rewards $9,500 | NFCU CLOC $15,000 | NFCU GoRewards $14,500 | Discover IT $4,100 | BECU VISA $11,000 | Walmart store card $3500 | Target $5,000 | Kohl's $3000 |
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