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Want to keep car - CU Cross Collateralization

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Want to keep car - CU Cross Collateralization

I plan on filing for BK in the next 3-4 months (attourney says I'm not quite there to file for either 13 or 7, and have to wait a few months so the payment during BK makes sense).


With my credit union I have 3 credit accounts - CC, LOC and a car.  I would like to keep the car.  I have tried refinancing with other lenders, being aware of the cross-collateralization issues that will be seen years from now when the car is paid off, however it doesn't look like I will be approved.


During the BK negtiations, was anyone else in this situation, and got their CU to agree to remove the cross collaterlization clause to reaffirm the car debt?  


My attourney is advising that I pay on all the loans that I have with them since they are secured by the car until we file for BK in the next 3-4 months.  The problem is, this will leave me cash poor with less than $200 left after expenses - too narrow for comfort.  So I want to just stop paying on everything except for the car.  


For now, I plan to follow my attourneys advice, but it doesn't sound like hes had too much experience dealing with folks in my situation.  Does anyone have advice or experiences they can share?



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