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What am I doing wrong? Post ch 7 bk

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Re: What am I doing wrong? Post ch 7 bk

@txbrneyes wrote:
Idk fico. Tu and eq both 491.

Almost everything came off my report after my bk and there is 1 utility bill that wasn't even mine, that I included, and a couple low balance cards hung around.

I have student loans but those have always been in good standing ... 10 years worth of good standing.

The balances on my cc reporting are after payments. It always shows 150-180 between the cards is being used.

This is too high for your current card limits. You'll want to pay them down in the manner others have suggested, but you have to make the payment just before the statement cuts. (Reminder: your minimum (will still be due after the statement cuts, so remember to go back and make another payment if needed before the due date on the statement)


Sometimes folks have a score dip when refinancing a car . . this will even out in a short while.


Otherwise, fixing the amount that reports on your cards and not applying for anything else for a while should have your scores on the upswing Smiley Happy





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