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What happens if late on payment after discharge

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What happens if late on payment after discharge

I didn't reaffirm my auto loan with Cap 1 in my bankruptcy- I tried as they requested, judge denied it, as was expected. I was current on my loan until this month when I had to pay my daughter's college tuition. I can get caught up next month. Should I be worred about a repo, or is 1 month not going to matter? ETA: my bk was discharged in July. 

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Re: What happens if late on payment after discharge

Welcome to myFICO! None of us will be able to answer this with confidence unfortunately. Being late on a payment after BK could absolutely cause them to repo the car. They could also end up waiting a bit as well. Thankfully you didn't reaffirm the auto as you would now be flirting with a late payment on your reports as well.

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