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What happens to IRS installment plans after filing CH7?

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What happens to IRS installment plans after filing CH7?

I noticed earlier this month that my regularly scheduled IRS monthly installment payment didn't occur. At first I didn't think much about it and thought maybe there was a mistake. Now that I've sat down and thought about it... I'm like duh....I'm in the middle of bankruptcy protection with about 45 days to go til discharge. Of course they didn't take it. My guess is they won't do anything for July/August either. Does anybody know what happens after that? Right before I filed CH7 I filed my taxes for the most recent year and offered to pay them more money/month. I owe them like $4k. I don't think they'll wipe any of that out because it has to be more than 3 years old tax debt? The first year I owed I filed in 2018 and in that filing I owed for the year I filed - which was 2017. I subsequently owed the last 2 years since. Trying to get a live IRS agent these days is about as likely as finding life on Mars...




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Re: What happens to IRS installment plans after filing CH7?

Your installment agreement has been suspended due to the automatic stay.  Once you have your discharge you will want to reach out to the IRS to reinstate/redo the installment agreement. 


2017 and 2018 taxes are not old enough to discharge.



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