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When can I apply for credit?


When can I apply for credit?

My wife and I filed chapter 13 in February 2015. We recently made our last payment, received a refund for overpayment, and on the NDC website it says our plan is completed-pending final report. 

im set to move across the country for work in about 6 weeks. Both of my vehicles are shot and been limping around the last couple years. I need to buy 1 used vehicle to take us there and provide reliable transportation. I also need to get the titles from NFCU so I can trade them in when the time comes, not sure how to go about that either. 

I contacted my attorneys office and found out my attorney left the firm and moved to Florida. The people I talked to at the firm weren't very helpful and just told me to wait. Said it could be 3-4 months before I receive and paperwork. 

I have any other options here? Thanks. 

Starting Score: 574(may 2012)
Current Score: 574
Goal Score: 640 (to start)

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Re: When can I apply for credit?

You might try Capital One Auto Navigator and see what they say, it's a soft pull.

Have you paid the NFCU car loans in full? If so they should send you the titles automatically. But if they've been limping along for a couple years it doesn't sound like you get much trade in value, if you have a down payment you might do that and sell the cars yourself once you get titles.

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Re: When can I apply for credit?

i am in a similar situation, I am waiting for discharge as well. Made last installment in march. my discharge is scheduled for July 14... need a car. asked lawyer, was told to apply and come back with terms. all the banks i and cu's i spoke with said the same thing. absolutely no loans until discharged!! my scores are all 650 to 690 range. still no dice till i have the final paper in hand.

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Re: When can I apply for credit?

Like others have said, I recommend do NOT jeopardize your hard work on the last stretch by getting credit when you don't have your discharge order signed and filed. It's frustrating, and I've been there. But you've done it for 5 years, you'll be able to get credit once it's officially over!

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