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When the 7 years finally passes after BK13, how do CCs react?

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When the 7 years finally passes after BK13, how do CCs react?

I've had a really good success rate during the post-discharge BK13 period. I have a Discover account built up to $25K, a couple of Capital One premium cards ($18K and $13K), and I'm back in "mostly" good graces with Amex, who gave me a $10K SPG but only a $3.5K Everyday.


My question is this: when that magical 7 years passes, and the BK13 is forever removed from my report, can I immediately talk to the "BK-automatically-cramps-your-style" creditors about a CLI? AmEx being the first one that comes to mind; they simply won't budge if there's a BK "showing" but I wonder if they'll figure it out quickly once it's gone.


I've been working really hard on all of these upper-tier accounts, paying everyone in full each month and behaving very well since the discharge. I'm definitely "back on track" and the only thing that still happens is that the BK13 shows as the top credit factor in my increasing score. Once it's gone, there shouldn't be anything negative at all. 


Can anyone who's been there tell me what I should start counting down for? A 50-point jump? A 100-point jump? April 10, 2017...look out world. Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for any advice you have!

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Re: When the 7 years finally passes after BK13, how do CCs react?

My Chapter 13 just fell off my reports (filed Jan 2010). My Experian  score went from 704 to 795. The other 2 I am not sure about because a local credit union that I had several issues with reporting inaccurate information over the last 2 years just put a derogatory account back on my credit reports. I filed a direct dispute with one and it was removed within 3 days. The other I am still waiting to hear from. They actually reported a balance of $3500 (added interest) but the highest balance was only $2009.


It is unfortunate because I had a car loan, credit card, and 2nd mortgage through this credit union and once or twice a year, they report one or more of these as negative even though they were included in the chapter 13. Is just gets tiring to make sure everything is reporting correctly to have them stick it back on at a later date.


I'm not sure if anyone else has ever had this issue but I think it is a good idea to continue to monitor reports even after the bankruptcy has fallen off. 


Congrats on your rebuild. Looks like you have done well.

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Re: When the 7 years finally passes after BK13, how do CCs react?

Mine is set to go away next April as well and congrats on your CLs.  I can't wait to see how my score is effected when it does go bye bye.

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