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When will my BK fall off

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Re: When will my BK fall off

Still on TU for me... last one to fall off.

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Re: When will my BK fall off

The effect just lessens over time. I filed 10/05 so I'm past the 7 years - no more bad anything on my credit report. I've had nearly perfect credit since the BK filing. Zero lates, I had a mortgage and car loan that I kept through the BK, the mortgage was refi'd right before the BK and have since sold that house and obtained another mortgage. I have a few CC's that I've had since shortly after the BK, highest single limite 6K, combined limits of about 12K.


It really only took about 2 years to get to "decent" credit - right around 700 give or take a few points. But now 5 years later - only up around 720 - despite continuing to maintain a perfect credit history. I would expect it to go up a good bit once the bk falls off since I have a good credit profile...

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Re: When will my BK fall off

The BK fell off the last CA, TU.... today. But my credit score fell 13 points.... How the hell does that happen? same util as last report, not INQ or new credit... When it fell off EQ, my score went UP 40 pts....

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Re: When will my BK fall off

Do you think I was rebucketed on TU? I wasnt on EQ... nothing changed on my report except for BK falling off. Balances were the same, inquiries the same...AAOA the same..

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Re: When will my BK fall off

The BK won't affect your score as much in 7 years but you will still have a hard time obtaining prime credit until the BK is close to deletion.
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