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Wierd Question about LEGIT closed account removal

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Wierd Question about LEGIT closed account removal

Hello everyone,

I been a lurker for a while but I can not seem to find the answer to this question so I had to post.

I got discharged for 7BK 4/18 and have recently building my credit. I applied for a CapOne Menards store card and a Paypal credit.

Both of this accounts I burned in bankruptcy and show as closed.

My question is since I recently opened the same accounts that are closed shouldn't they removed the closed accounts?
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Re: Wierd Question about LEGIT closed account removal

The closed accounts are likely to stay for 7 years from date of first default.

If you now have the same accounts, I would be real careful about rocking the boat about the closed accounts.

Others may chime in with more information about these accounts. Some lenders have been known to close your open accounts after being asked to remove the negative (closed) account.

As always YMMV
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Re: Wierd Question about LEGIT closed account removal

No they shouldn't remove them as they are reporting correctly. You had them before filing, defaulted on them, so they are reporting correctly pre-filing.

As much as everyone hates the IIB accounts post DC reporting, they are reporting correctly. I had to wait 5 years for my closed IIB accouts to fall off...

All closed negative accounts follow the DOFD rule...which is 7 years from the DOFD is will fall off. Some fall off sooner though..
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