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X uses my last name when filing

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X uses my last name when filing



I just learned that my x wife filed for CH 13 and used my last name on the paperwork.

We have been divorced and she legally dropped my lastname and took back her maiden lastname.


Of all of the debts that she acquired and listed on CH13 paperwork, only the home loan was in our names. All of the other debts she acquired after her name was legally changed back to her maiden name.


When I search PACER, only her married last name (my last name) comes up, not her maiden last name.


Do I have any recourse in getting  this changed?


Thank you

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Re: X uses my last name when filing

I would immediately consult with a bankruptcy attorney on the home being listed.


This can effect you, your credit score, and depending upon how this was done the house.  She may have had to list you as a creditor as well.  There are nuances to this that vary by state and not something to taken lightly.  Get out in front of it.


As for the other debt that's hers regardless of the name she uses.


Good luck!

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