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accessing public records

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accessing public records

I have an 8yo BK. I don't remember all the creditors but would like to refresh my memory since I recently applied for a CC with BOA whom I didn't think was involved in the BK but apparently I burned them.


I'm pretty sure I have the records filed away somewhere back in US but I am travelling for another 2 months. Is there any way to access public records online for yourself for free? If not what is cheapest way?





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Re: accessing public records

Go to

You can download your entire case for ten cents per page. You will need to register and put up a debit or cr card for access. PACER bills quarterly but they only debit your account if you have more than ten dollars in charges in a given quarter.


Don't forget, BOA may have acquired some account you BK'ed and they treat it the same as if you BK'ed them directly.

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