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authorized user


I just filed for chapter 7 BKR.  My parents are going to get on their credit card as an authorized user, and the card has a decent limit.

Will this help me in any way?  It won't really make much diffence, would be nice if it does. The card is just so I have one for emergencies, etc..

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Re: authorized user

If the card reports to the credit bureaus, then it will likely help, as you probably will have little to no revolving accounts reporting and this card will (presumably) report a low balance compared to the credit limit. If the card is maxed out, it may not help.
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Re: authorized user

I would have them do it though until after your official DC. It also depends on what card as an AU you'll be on, and if you burned that lender in your BK as to whether you might even be able to put on it. What card is it?
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Re: authorized user

It is with Chase bank, and chase was a bank that was burned in the bkr.

My parents already got the card for me.

It has a high limit, but will have minimal ususage.  Just for emergencies.

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