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can i reafirm a debt after bk

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can i reafirm a debt after bk

i was discharged from my debt in may 2007--and my question is i would like tto get my macys back i filed on them but in my credit reports staes its still open,but as a charge off i had this card for 6 years
so my question is can i reafirm this after bk and how do i go about it but i want it to say still i had it 6 years----is there a letter i can do or do i call if i call what do i say?
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Re: can i reafirm a debt after bk

Doubt they will let you do it after your discharge. 
I tried that with my home mtg. and they said you had to do it before discharge.  So, now they don't report to the CRA's.
Oh well, at least I can simply walk away from the house if need to in the future.........
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