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case numbers dont match

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case numbers dont match

I file Chapter 7 bk back in 2007 I'm trying to get my credit together so I can purchase a home this year. I notice on my chapter 7 my case number are different on all three CRA.  On Eq it has 0712628, EX 0712628GHB, and TU 712628.  Can I dispute the case number because none of the case numbers match on my credit file.  If I can dispute this how do I go by at doing this?  Thanks  
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Re: case numbers dont match

I am not a mod or anything but as long as the information is correct I don't think you can dispute the number. It may be classified as a frivolous dispute.  I would call and find out if there is an internal reason for the variation. It seems like all of the CRA have the same numbers just small variations of an added 0 or not and a couple letters.  Won't change your score probably not worth the effort.

EQ 637,TU 575, EX FAKO 680 AS OF 4/19/09
EQ 640, TU 579 EX??? as of 5/15/09
EQ 645, TU 627 as of 6/2/09, EX ???
EQ 662, TU 632, EX ??? as of 9/4/09
EQ 676, TU 676 as of 5/6/10
EQ 678, TU 676, EXP 694(Lendor Pull) 7/24/10

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