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ch13 bankruptcy discharge

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ch13 bankruptcy discharge

I am at the end of the payments and awaiting my discharge. I decided to pull my creidt scores and to my great sadness they are 591, 591, 578. My inital reaction is to start disputing everything on my credit which I will continue to do. I am wondering though did anyone see any sort of increase in their credit score when the discharge was reported? I really want to rebuild my creidt I just need to know how bad this is going to be. Thanks!

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Re: ch13 bankruptcy discharge

Congratz on getting to the end of your payments!

GREAT SUCCESS on Your part!

My scores did not go up when I was Discharged.

Scores are a reflection of the past in my opinion. As I applied and received credit, it started going up. That is, after I incurred charges, and paid them in full before the end of that billing cycle.

I just logged on now, because I received a notification from Experian of a score change. As of now, it is at 686.

That is up from 548 at my Ch 13 Discharge Order date this past May. I mention this not to "look at me", rather to demonstrate how scores can change over time, and it is not immediate upon discharge as I would have liked, and did HOPE for.

Be as patient as you can, and work the plan that you have developed in anticipation of this new beginning.

Best Wishes!!!

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Re: ch13 bankruptcy discharge

Some report positive score changes, and some report none.  Im in a 13 now and have mid 600 scores.  But I have started the rebuild two years ago with the trustee's approval.  Im hoping for a nice increase when my 13 discharges soon.

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Re: ch13 bankruptcy discharge

I also started the rebuild process two years ago with trustees approval.  I was discharged from my CH13 last month and my scores are between 653-669.  I have disputed everything that I could and was able to remove a few old things not related to the 13.  So even though I feel everything is now accurately reporting, the negative stuff related to the 13 won't fall off for another 2 years.  I'm in the process of paying off my student loans, so I hope that will give me a boost.

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