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chap 13 case dismissed and now what?

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chap 13 case dismissed and now what?

hey guys,


i filed chap 13 last year due to deliquency on the house.. now i was able to do a loan modification and no need to pay for chap 13 any more. My case should be dismissed (not discharge, since i included some of the small debts etc...) soon.


Whats going to happen next? what process should i take to start rebuild my credits?


Thank you

Rebuild Process...After BK13
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Re: chap 13 case dismissed and now what?

I assume you realize that your credit will take a much bigger hit long term with a dismissed Chapt 13 vs a discharged 13? The BK will remain as a public record on your reports for 10 years, rather than 7?


 I don't know what your overall picture looks like, but just wanted to make the comment....



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