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credit card trick to re establish

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credit card trick to re establish



if you have recently had your bk discharge or are looking to build credit and need a cc ....the shopping cart trick is working. if you are not sure what the shopping cart trick is you can find info on other posts."search"


i figured out why with certain stores it works and others it doesn't.


depending on your credit score with each of the cb will depend if you get the pop up at check out.


my equifax report and score are in much better shape than tu and es. when i applied to a store that soft pulls from tu nothing ever popped up. but today i found a small list of stores that pulls equifax and every store that pulls from equifax that i applied too i got the pop up...i didnt take cards from from every store because i didnt want the over kill but it was nice to be able to pick and choose.


.try stores that pull from the cb with your highest equifax score btw is just over 600...good luck on rebuilding!!




here is a small list i found online.. i hope it lines up ;-)

StoreCard TypeSoft Inq*Provider
MyPoints Rewards
Co-Branded Visa
Co-Branded Visa
Sportsmans GuideCo-Branded VisaTransunionComenity
Victoria's SecretStore CardExperianComenity
Brylane HomeStore/Catalog CardExperianComenity
Blair CatalogStore/Catalog CardEquifaxComenity
Ann TaylorStore CardUnconfirmedComenity
Crate and BarrelStore CardUnconfirmedComenity
J.CrewStore CardEquifaxComenity
King SizeStore/Catalog CardEquifaxComenity
Woman WithinStore/Catalog CardEquifaxComenity
Restoration HardwareStore CardUnconfirmedComenity
One Stop PlusStore/Catalog CardEquifaxComenity
BuckleStore CardEquifaxComenity
ExpressStore CardEquifaxComenity
Pottery BarnStore CardUnconfirmedComenity
Jessica LondonStore CardUnconfirmedComenity
HSNCo-Branded MastercardTransunionComenity
ShopNBCCo-Branded VisaTransunionGE
WalmartStore Card or Co-Branded DiscoverTransunionGE
FingerhutCatalog CardTransunionWebBank
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Re: credit card trick to re establish

What if you burned any of the financing institutions in your BK?
BK Discharge 2/11/14

Currently in the garden.
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Re: credit card trick to re establish

not sure ... the 3 cards i got did soft pull...  my guess if you dont have a shot the pop up will not appear... but i am assuming this because i dont get pop up with any other store that doesnt pull equifax.

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Re: credit card trick to re establish

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