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I have been lurking in the shadows here Smiley Happy Finding out lots of information. I was just wondering for those of you that are in a chapter 13 and you are getting credit cards or trying to, are you actually aloud to do this. I am in a chapter 13(one more year and 2 months to go Smiley Very Happy) and we were told we were not allowed to have any credit  or credit cards what-so-ever!!.  This whole process has been very hard on us!! My husband is retired..but I do work. Our income is probably right around $42,000. and I have 253.00 taken out of my pay every other week. Our car is a decent car, but needs work done it, and we don't even have enough for that. Oh well enough for the pity party. I was really just wondering how some of you are getting credit while in chapter 13 ? ..Maybe some states are different. I am in Ohio. Thanks for the replys.

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Re: credit

I'm from Illinois, I did it without knowing, I was only approved for secured cards. I later mention to my attorney and he said i wasn't supposed to do that. He told me I need to have a judge and the trustee approve first. I also got approved for a car loan while under 13. The dealer toldname to go get this bill of sale signed by my lawyer. He denied, and I had a perfect payment for over four years.   Ijs

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Re: credit

You had a perfect payment history and the judge still denied you.  Wow!  I want to purchase a house next year and I hope they don't tell me I can't purchase. 

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Re: credit

That's rite! He told me to use public transportation. He also said whatevermoney I had saved for a car should be put towards paying my case off, so that what I did.  I had never missed a payment

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Re: credit

I'm in North Carolina and my lawyer said I could start right away.  I was told trustee permission is only required for amounts over $1000.  Rules are different in every state and even different just depends.  I received permission to buy a car last year.  

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