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dispute question


dispute question

Hi. Fairly new to these forums and just want to make sure my accounts are reporting right. I filed bk7 a few months ago and am expecting my discharge any day. Signed up for score watch and noticed a few accounts all from the same place weren't reporting my bk7. 

So I called experian and transunion and disputed how they were being reported.  Everything seemed to come back good and just wanted to make sure it was right. I got a scorewatch alert saying I had 5 collections reported changes. They now say..



Original balance -not reported

Current balance- just a blank spot so zero?

Status from unpaid to - in bankruptcy

Status date 8/1/2013

Description- collection account bankruptcy chapter 7


All 5 say that now so is that correct?  Also will my scores be affected by all my accounts now showing a zero balance? Thanks for the help.



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Re: dispute question

You are going to need to pull your actual CRs preferably from to see exactly how and what is being reported. 


That being said, you should attempt everything to get those collections removed. I still believe this is certainly within the legal and ethical confines of accurate disputing. You could simply start with a simple DV to all 5, dispute their very presence with the CBs. IMO, if the OC is discharged, the collector has no basis to collect and must delete. Get those bad boys off.

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