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I forgot to add that I applied for a Gardner White furniture credit option 2 weeks after my BK. I was not approved for Comnenity... ok fine.. just try later... but they converted my app to one for fortiva.  I was approved for that $5k.  But I read that Fortiva credit charges you astronomical annual fees etc in addition to high interest rates.  I am not interested in credit that charges me a lot of money even if I don't use the credit.


Shouild I contact them to tell them, I wasn't intereested in Fortiva... only the regular credit card?  Is it true that Fortiva is line a predator lender as opposed to a rebuilding lender?


Who do I contact if I don't want it?  A saleslady from Gardner White called me a few days after my app to tell me I could come in a furniture shop... Smiley Indifferent


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Re: fortiva

Has anyone heard of this finance company for furniture?


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Re: fortiva

No, not for furniture but unfortunately this happened to my friend. She was turned down by the original furniture financing company and the sales person took it upon themselves to apply for this card for my friend and got her approved. If this was the case for you I apologize on idiots behalf 👎🏼
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Re: fortiva

I never heard of them.  But a quick Google search shows they're owned by MAB&T which is one of my most hated lenders.


On top of that, it appears they may report as a "consumer finance account" although I can't verify that by Google alone.  If that's how they report, it's a horrible result on your FICO score because it brings it down for the full reporting period of 7+ years.


Try to call and see if they report as such, and if so, do whatever you can to prevent it from opening and reporting.  Search "consumer finance account" here and see the horror stories.

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