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hope after BK

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hope after BK

I have been working on cleaning up my reports.  Today I finally heard back from TU.  They deleted so much stuff.  Yeah!!!  My score only went from 556 in December to 580 today, but if I pay down my current cc debt (less util) it will be over 600 here soon.  My experian report also deleted a bunch of stuff.  That score has gone up from 585 in December to 612 today.  Equifax is my only bugaboo.  Smiley Sad
That one is stuck at 555 (only up from 544 in December) and they have yet to delete much of anything.  Tomorrow I am going to sign up for the Equifax Gold product at their website so I can monitor them more closely.  I am already subscribing  to SW at this site and also have TrueCredit from TU.  My goal is to have all scores over 600 by April.  I am using my tax refund to pay down all my cc at the end of this month.  So there is hope!!!! (I am in chapter 13 to be discharged in the spring)  Had chapter 7 in 01.
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Re: hope after BK

There is hope after bankruptcy!!!!!  I have both a 7 & 13 realted from being hit by a car in 1990. The 7 will be deleted this November 2008 and the 13 will be coming off my reports April 2010. Since then I have never been late. What you can do is have at least 1 credit card and open a a secured installment loan account. That is a personal loan thta requires a cash deposit where the bank or credit union freeezes until the loan is paid off. If you have a vehivle loan go at elast 4 years because it takes an account, except for perosnal laons, to become well established. As the tiem frame moves further away from the filing date of the bankruptcy the negative impact will be less.
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