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how should I handle this account?


how should I handle this account?

Hi all! I'm new here but ya'll are so helpful and informed I know you will lead me in the right direction. I have this account w/ fairlane that I've been battling w/ cra's/oc for awhile now. Brief background,

successfully removed the duplicate that was reported as c/o and score drops a few points. perplexed as to why that would occur, I do some investigating and there are some inaccuracies. Here' what on eq w/ my concerns;


Account Number: xxxxxxxx                       *incorrect

Account Owner: Individual Account.

High Credit: $14,338

Credit Limit: $0

Date Opened: 2001/08

Balance: $0

Date Reported: 09/2009

Amount Past Due: $0

Date of Last Payment: 11/2008               *bk was dc 11/12/08*

Actual Payment Amount: $0

Scheduled Payment Amount: $345 *showing on t/u as payment, that need to be removed, right)

Date of Last Activity: N/A

Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 11/2008 *can they dofd reported after confirmation or d/c since this date is unspecific?

Charge Off Amount: $0

Date Closed:

Date of First Delinquency: 10/2005  

Comments: Account involved in chapter 13 debt adj


TIA! I started compulsively disputing a few months ago, w/out understanding the process. Now I'm ready to tackle it the right way if ya'll will be so kind as to steer me in the right direction. Oh and one more quick question, a few things have flip-flopped from incl in 13/WEP, and score has suffered. What's up w/ that? I thought they were classified as the same.

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Re: how should I handle this account?

If it was duplicated, the score drop would have resulted from the lost history. Quite often the history helps more than the baddie hurts. If this is removed, expect another drop, but bigger.


The acct. number is often masked due to privacy.


The CR will often show the month and year only. That's a good thing. FICO will read it as 11/1 vs. 11/12.


The $345 has zero impact to your score. Under a manual review, it may come up, but any LO would be able to tell right away that the $345 doesn't belong in DTI calculations.


Your DOFD is OK at 10/05. The other date, Date Major Delinquency First Reported, has no bearing on scores or under a manual review. Per CRTP, DOFD is what matters.



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