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question about where to start rebuild

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question about where to start rebuild

So I would really like to follow soulmaster's plan to 700 from bk in 24 months. My only problems is Credit One is the beginner card in the journey. Credit One will be included in bankruptcy.  I would lik eot know where elese to start if not secured. I am excited about this journe and terrified at the same time. But I want it to be a success and not screw my life over again. If any one has an option I would appreciate it. I am thinking about joining a CU but I think I will have a hard time with a new bankruptcy. 


Also my attorney actually encouraged me to apply for things shortly (months) after filing. 


This goes against things here but he did say "secured"

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Re: question about where to start rebuild

Soulmaster's plan says you can get a secured card. Just not one from Credit One. It says to look for one that would graduate. Many people have suggested Discover It.

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