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3rd Barclays CC in a year!

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3rd Barclays CC in a year!

Surprisingly, got approved for 3rd Barclays biz card in a year, AA biz. 780 TU and EQ, pulled both. Applied on a Hail Mary 8 days ago to try and take advantage of the 75K offer b4 it ended, app went pending.

So got a call from Barclays UW a few days ago. They asked about business, student loans, and why i had 6 TU pulls this year (no EQ pulls). Told them i just wanted different CCs for different categories i purchase in.

Approved! But no additional credit extended, so moved over $3K from JB biz. Current CLs w/ open dates: HA biz ($1K/8-18), JB biz ($7.5K/4-19), and the AA biz.


P.S. It was Barclays... so all this could go south in a short amount of time, like if they ask for biz docs 2 weeks after the fact. But I'm hopeful.

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