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AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

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AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

If you recently applied for the metal black Amazon Business Prime card from AMEX within the past few months or even more recently, I would like to know your story and your data points. Like was it approved or denied? Soft or hard pull? What was your credit profile and history with AMEX like? Did you apply for the card because you have an actual business? Business and personal income? Years in business? All in one account like with your personal amazon and american express profile? Pre-approved or just a cold application? Just anything so I can kind of compare to. 


For me, some stuff have changed from a few months ago (not for the worse!) like no missed payments or anything. I'm mainly just asking because of the current times we are living in. I was planning on applying in a few months or maybe sooner.

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Re: AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

I got the amazon biz card in February of this year. I do several side hussels, and and have been self employed for 2 years. If you have a decent score, and a clean reprt, plus you already have an amrx card i would go for it if i was in your shies.

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Re: AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

Here is a detailed explanation of my process and DP's from 10/14/20 on the Amazon Prime Card. Additional DP's, I cold apped on Amzon's site so didn't notice any prequal while logged in. With my current profile I don't worry about those much anymore, if i want something I app for it and let the cards land where the may.


As long as your profile is strong and generate income there shouldn't any issues even in today's times.

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Re: AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

Approved for Amazon Business Prime American Express Card just this December 2020. $12K SL, SP, instant approval. FICO 772. Income >$100K, business revenue $700K, 10-15 years in business. CCs that report are at or near $0. ~$40K between a loan and a LOC plus $6K auto loan. 4 yr AAoA, 9 yr oldest, perfect payment, no INQs. Maintained credit profile and actually improved it a bit through COVID, but I did wait extra months until just now to let it be seen I'm not declining during the pandemic.


First two AMEX are Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Business Plus Card from 2017. BCE upgraded to BCP. I have charged them up over $10K. BCP now stays <$1K. BBP regularly has thousands charged every month, single purchases sometimes $5-10K charged, and always PIF. I think AMEX likes that type of usage especially while keeping the personal BCP near $0 now after seeing a high usage of +$10K in the past. I assumed a I had a good internal AMEX score before app.


SL of $12K is okay; glad to have over $10K. I think that is good considering I already have $45.5K with them. I plan to CLI to $20-25K in a few months.

current limit and opened as of 12/20 - $104.25K cc TCL
AMEX BCP $26K 7/17 | AMEX BBP $19.5K 10/17 | AMEX Amazon Business Prime $12K 12/20
Cap1 QS $9.5K 7/17 | Chase FU $15.5K 8/17 | Amazon Prime Visa Sig $9.5K 10/17
PayPal Cashback MC $6K 12/20 | Barclaycard Rewards $5.5K 9/16 | Cap1 QS1 $750 9/16 (closed)
BB Visa $750 (closed) 8/16 | Cap1 Platinum Sec $750 (keeping oldest) 1/12 | First Progress Platinum Sec $300 6/14 (closed)
PNC $25K LOC | Payoff $25K loan - paying these down and keeping cards near $0
FICO 8 772 12/20 | 742 09/17 | 617 09/16 | ~540 in prior years
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Re: AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

Not recent but I got mine in September 2020. 750 credit score. My First Amex card is 6K, then 10K. I app'ed for the Amazon Biz Prime and got instant approval (10K).. not sure if my Chase Amazon Prime helped (6.5K) or my Amex card did. As for stat I put 3 years (2017) or was it 2018 not sure and 3.5K revenue.

Current score: 744ex | 733tu | 744eq
INQ status: 4/24, 2/12

Currrent Cards:

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Re: AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?

12/18 Amex ED PreQual

12/18 Amex Simply Cash (Now Blue Business) as first business card $2k instant approval.

7.5 years after BK discharge.  EX fico 694.  Business is a sole proprietor 15 years.


03/19  EX fico 696 Cold app for Amazon Business Prime.  Business income for 2018 was $10k.  Instant approval  for $10k


R.I.P Cards 

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Re: AMEX Amazon Business Prime: Any recent data points?


my recent approval.

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