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AMEX BBP and Biz Green Approval (2 Days Apart)

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AMEX BBP and Biz Green Approval (2 Days Apart)

I was talking to my business partner about another business and was on AMEX site at the time. We are (were) thinking of getting the AMEX Biz Platinum Charge because we both travel. I have the AMEX Platinum (Personal) Charge for that reason.


After I got off the phone with him, I was poking around with the business cards and saw the Blue Business Plus card. I was comparing cards and decide to just apply. I clicked on apply now, but it only thanked me for expanding my membership. So here goes a cold app. The system asked me to link the bank accounts which I did and was instantly approved for $5,100 SL. Was hoping for about $10K, but this will grow.


I also thought that maybe a business charge would be good and was using the comparison tool for Biz Platinum, Gold, and Plum. While I was apparently looking at Plum, I hit apply and again it thanks me for expanding my membership, asked to link bank accounts, and went into review. Later I realized that the email said I applied for the Plum. I didn't want the Plum, I wanted a traditional charge. So I called and asked new accounts if they could pull the Plum app and if I could immediately reapply. She said she did pull it and that I could reapply for what I wanted immediately.


So I went on the site right after hanging up and applied for Biz Green. Instant approval with $10K POT.


These were all soft pulls so I don't know what AMEX was using, but my EX8 score is 702 with 4 INQ last six months (2 of them from mortgage shopping, one from PenFed, and the other from AMEX previously).

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Re: AMEX BBP and Biz Green Approval (2 Days Apart)

Congrats on the 2 new AMEX cards!


Was there a reason you did not app for the business platinum card ?


I have only the personal plat and recently received an expanded biz plat offer for 150K points but the spend is quite high for me.


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Re: AMEX BBP and Biz Green Approval (2 Days Apart)

You bring up a good point with regard to the spend requirement for the Biz Plat 120K MR point SUB. For this particular business, I chose the Biz Green because I'm not really chasing points for the business and the SUB is easier to meet than the $15K on the Biz Plat. Also have the BBP so that's probably going to get the most usage. I'm hoping to get an offer for an upgrade from the green to platinum later, with a more easily obtained SUB.


For the other business, I have to talk to my business partner again about that considering that the AF is going up in January. He is also an AMEX cardholder and just received the AMEX Delta Reserve last month.

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