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AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

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AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

Reading all the successes with Business Credit peaked my interest.  I have other personal AMEX Charge and Credit cards and just got my very first Business Gold (provided via Prequal Offer) from them earlier this year.  Without another offer or invite in-hand like I had for the Gold, I simply applied (no HP)....Instant Approval for $10,000.  In my haste, I forgot to take a screenshot of the Approval Page.  Immediately after, linked my new account to my other AMEX accounts and that was it! WOOHOO


Special Thank You to @M_Smart007 for guidance!



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Re: AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

@cashorcharge, Big Congratulations!!!!

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Re: AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

@cashorcharge Awesome!👍 

CONGRATS on Your Amex BBC 

Approval and Nice Starting Limit! Mine will be Delivered Thursday the Email Said.. 

Good Job!

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Re: AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

Congrats on the BBC card and great SL!

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Re: AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

Congrats!! That's a great starting CL too ! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: AMEX Blue Business Cash Approval $10,000

Congrats on your approval! Nice SL. 

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