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AMEX Business Platinum SUB up to 130K MRs

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AMEX Business Platinum SUB up to 130K MRs

I've been following some of AMEX's SUBs the past few months on both their business and personal cards.  Today, I saw an offer for 130K MRs on the Business Platinum!  That's the highest MR offer I think I've ever seen on any of their cards.  It does require $15K of spending in three months but still a great offer.  Of course, the offers change as I visit the website with different browsers or different times of day.  If you don't see it, clean your computer cache out and keep trying.  You might eventually see it also! Smiley Very Happy  





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AoOA > 30 years (Jun 1993); AoYA (Feb 2024)
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Re: AMEX Business Platinum SUB up to 130K MRs

I've also seen the 130K with my own eyes on my browser.  I've also seen screenshots taken by others who saw 140k and 150K offers for spending 15K in 3 months!  Amex is not playing around with their sign up offers this year!


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