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AMEX Gold Business Pre-Approval Pop-up

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AMEX Gold Business Pre-Approval Pop-up

Today I logged onto my Amex account I received a pop-up that said I was pre-approved for the Amex Gold Business charge card along with a 90,000 reward SUB after 10,000 spend... 


I didn't accept the offer and I was logged off my Amex account after walking away from my laptop... Now when I go to the Business cards page I only see the 70,000 reward points offer & I do not see a pre-approval; when I click apply now it says... thanks for expanding our relationship phrase on the app form. 


Anybody know a trick to find that pre-approval again or do I just need to keep logging in & hopefully it should return? Any info would help. I intended to accept the offer but Amex logged me out due to inactivity faster than I anticpiated.

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Re: AMEX Gold Business Pre-Approval Pop-up

I don't know if there's a trick so much as to just keep trying and maybe trying clearing your cookies and logging in via Private Browsing.

Sometimes folks are able to get an offer to show again by doing such but there isn't anything you can do to force it to show.

Keep trying and I hope you get the offer you're seeking.
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Re: AMEX Gold Business Pre-Approval Pop-up

thank you, I will try clearing cookies... I already tried private browser

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Re: AMEX Gold Business Pre-Approval Pop-up

I have logged in a few times in past week and it just randomly pops up on the screen for me. I just close it out 

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