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AMEX Open Cards - Reallocation of Limit Policy

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AMEX Open Cards - Reallocation of Limit Policy

After my recent approval of a Gold Delta SkyMiles AMEX Card for my business, I requested to have my limit from my Simplycash card reallocated to the new account and then close out the Simply Cash. I got a rejection letter in the mail with their re-allocation policy and figured that someone else would have the same question and hopefully this helps someone!


"Consumer and OPEN card members that are eligible for a credit line allocation request must have an account that is active and in good standing for at least 13 months on the FROM account and there must also be no pending request for a credit line increase on the TO account." A standalone Credit Line Increase may be requested at the sixty day mark from the account opening date"


So I must wait until January of 2017 to re-allocate but no big deal. We've begun using this card as our daily driver at the business and have almost hit our credit limit in two weeks. I think they'll be accomdating for a CLI when they see the heavy usage and PIF a few times a month. All in all so far, it seems like a great card!

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Re: AMEX Open Cards - Reallocation of Limit Policy

Interesting, thanks for posting. I knew the 13 month rule due to what I've tried to accomplish on the personal side, but I've never seen it in writing. Also, what's even more interesting to me is the 60 day for inital CLI request in writing. (Again, thinking personal since I'm new to business credit) I've read the whole was-60-day-wait, then wasn't-60-day-wait. I experienced the 3x CLI at activation on my BCP (second Amex) and 3x CLI after a few weeks when my 181 days were up on my EDP (third Amex). So either it's changed back to 60 days since October 15 or it's different if you're an existing card holder. Very interesting. 

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