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Amazon Business American Express Card Application

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Amazon Business American Express Card Application

Tuesday I set up a Business account for Amazon and applied for a Amazon Business American Express Card as I am trying to build some credit lines for bu Business. No instant approvel. Went to the will be notified. I got the email saying I had a message in the private message system and went to look. I was told to call into support center and was connected to the Application and Fraud Dept and they needed more information. They wanted my bank to send in a verification of my home address that they had on file before giving me an answer within 30 days. So I went down to my bank and they faxed over on letter head all the information they requested. So Im wondering what my chances are of being approved? I currently have 4 cards with AMEX now one being a Business Gold Card, but was wanting a revolving card to use for orders. ANyone ever had to do this and get approved? It wasn't an instant denial so I'm hoping this was a good sign.



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Re: Amazon Business American Express Card Application

That seems odd you had to go through all that when you're already an AMEX cardholder, they should already have all you current info.


My first Biz card with them was the Bonvoy, and it was not an instant approval. But later that day I got an email saying that I had been approved, with no request for any info etc.

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