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American Express Backdate?

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American Express Backdate?

I was just approved for a new Business Green account with American Express.  My first ever card with Amex was in 2007, but I never had a Business card until right now.  I called and asked if both of my cards (business and personal) could be backdated to 2007.  The phone rep told me to hold on so they could check.  She came back and said that yes, they were going to send me two new cards that both say Member Since 2007 on them.


Does this mean that even on my Business Credit reports I'll have a tradeline as old as 2007?  Please let me know.  This is actually the first time I've ever been able to get business credit and I'm excited about it.  i want to do everything possible to make it as good as it can be and grow it.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: American Express Backdate?

I would bet no

I actually can't believe they are backdating your card date... business and personal cards have always carried there own starting member date I thought.

business credit works so differently anyway, unless you are really going for some loans or something without PG it's not nearly that important.

almost all credit cards are going to need PG until you get into BIG leagues and with pg they could careless about the business credit.

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Re: American Express Backdate?

Yes, Business and Personal cards backdate.  My Business Green card is backdated to 2005, when it was opened in 2013.

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Re: American Express Backdate?

This is great info that i didnt know about.


So I want to cancel my personal Amex Plat card (don't need it right now), and I've been with them since 2010. If I cancel the Plat now and open a personal Amex SPG card in 2018, will my Amex SPG have a tradline on my credit reports (all three bureaus) that says opened in 2010? 

So Amex helps people's AAoA? 

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Re: American Express Backdate?

I had a Amex business gold back in 96. I ran into trouble and they gave me a amount that would settle the account. In July this year I apped and received a gold and simply cash. Is it a good idea to call and try to back dated or just leave enough alone?


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