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Amex Amazon Business Prime Approved and Question?

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Amex Amazon Business Prime Approved and Question?

I applied for Amazon Business Prime today because I dont qualify for Chase Amazon prime and have enough Sync cards in my personal file. I applied under a sole porpriotor because I work for myself outside of my usual job and only make a couple thousand a year extra and buy many construction supplies in bulk off of Amazon. It was strange that under business name the info tab clearly states you can put a fictious name or DBA "does business as" and your own name. I was honest and stated my income from it was $2,000 and reported last years wages for my full time job as it stated. I was approved for $20k. I applied through my personal Amazon Prime account and not a business Amazon account. My question is will I still get the 5% back without an Amazon Business account because the fine print says Amazon Business and purchases.
Cards I currently have and their CL.
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AAoA 1 yr
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Amex Amazon Prime Business $20,000
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Re: Amex Amazon Business Prime Approved and Question?

Yes. The criteria is that you have to have an active Prime membership at the time of application. I'm under the assumption to keep those benefits said card has to be linked to an active Prime account. This is how my account is set up with the AMEX card as the primary method of purchase on the personal side despite being offered a 30 day business account that I cancelled and let the trial membership expire. No issues selecting either 90 day financing or 5% back thus far since getting the card.

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Re: Amex Amazon Business Prime Approved and Question?

Congrats on the approval!

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