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Amex BBP approved - setting up my endgame

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Amex BBP approved - setting up my endgame

After lots of fun SUB chasing in the last two years, the party is over. Amex have put me in no-bonus land. Not only do I get pop ups on new apps (I’m fine with that), but they “declined to honor” my Delta Gold Biz SUB (I am NOT happy about that).

So I’ll be cancelling that card soon and I’m setting up for my endgame setup now. For me that means Amex Gold and BBP. I’d been using the ED for general spend but now that I’m making use of business credit, I’ll maximize point returns by going with the BBP. The Delta cards will be canceled soon (I might just downgrade the personal). The other cards will fall off as I get around to claiming points and rebates from them and rolling credit limits over. I’ll keep them but they’ll live in the sock drawer.

I submitted the app from the front page (no referral link) and still got the pop up. I wonder if that means no intro 0% APR? That’s the only thing I can think of that could be considered a SUB. Anyway I clicked “continue.”

The app was approved. They gave me $9K. That puts my total Amex revolving limits at $104K. I guess they’re still ok with giving me credit so that’s good.

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Re: Amex BBP approved - setting up my endgame

Haha! My mistake...

I just realized my ED card is now at $26K, so they took the $9K SL from that. So yeah, still at $95K total limits with Amex.

Not complaining really. I just wish that was made more clear on the approval screen.
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