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Amex Biz Marriott Approval!

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Re: Amex Biz Marriott Approval!

@Gigantoraptor wrote:

My largest limit to date: $10k! I'm so excited. 


DP: EX 693. No HP, since I've been a member since 2015. This is my 5th Amex approval this year: 3 personal cards (2 charge and 1 credit) and two business. Total of 6 cards with Amex right now. After burning so many banks between 2016-18, I held onto my Amex Biz Green for years, paying the $95 annual fee just to stay with Amex and after working so hard to get my credit back on track, they've rewarded me big time this year. Great sign up bonus, great limit. I'm stoked!


I'll be fine tuning my Amex profile next year. Currently have personal and biz Delta Gold, which I'll likely cancel after the annual fee posts next year and I'll be getting rid of the Biz Green after 6 years. The Green was my only credit card for years and being a charge card, it didn't do much for my credit but it did help with my relationship with American Express. In April they gave me a limit of $3k on the Delta Biz card. Today, $10k! I'm so happy.

Congrats and thanks for the DP's.  That is a fine card.  Yes, that SUB is great and the card earns nicely for Gas, Dining, Shipping and Wireless aside from Marriott stays.  Also check out Marriott Dining...  you have to opt in but that earns some nice points also.  I think it is 4 points for using the card obviously and an additional 10 points per $1 at listed restaurants...  carry out and dine in.

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Re: Amex Biz Marriott Approval!

Congrats on the nice approval!

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Re: Amex Biz Marriott Approval!

Congratulations on your Amex approval!

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Currently: 1/6, 3/12, 5/24
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Re: Amex Biz Marriott Approval!

Congrats @Gigantoraptor  on your AMX Biz Approval!

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Re: Amex Biz Marriott Approval!



did you cold app for this card?

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Re: Amex Biz Marriott Approval!

Congrats on your approval!

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