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Amex Business CLI Issues

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Amex Business CLI Issues

For some reason Amex does not want to give me a CLI.

I've had the account for over 3 months.

FICO Score 720 EX is the one they showed on Denial


Too many Inquiries (6 HP's which I don't feel is excessive). One of them is from Amex, one to open a checking account at a local CU, not a CC, another to request a CLI on a card and the other 3 were applications.

Too short account history - Oldest account 17 years AAOA 4.3 years. That's not too bad.

Number of Accounts Delinquent - 1 account with (2) 30 day late's from 2013, that was 4 years ago and it was not even a 60+ day late!

Balance too high on mortgage loan - I agree with this one, but I have a 1% UT overall aside from this mortgage loan...

Any advice for me at all? None of the inquiries will age past 12 months until August and that's a long ways away Smiley Sad I've tried requesting 3x and 2.5x CLI but always get 7-10 day message then a denial letter. They don't even counter with an extra 1k.

Current CL is 6.8k. FICO score when the account was opened was 670 I figured since the FICO went up and the UT went down (the reason it was 670 was high UT) I'd easily get a CLI.

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Re: Amex Business CLI Issues



You started a previous thread where you discussed  this exact same topic so it's not necessary to start another one.  If you have additional info please add it to that thread

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